Join us for the Alighten’s 3rd Annual Summer Festival!  This is the 5th anniversary since the creation of Alighten by our host Amber Wright.  Attendees are invited to come for the whole weekend of Rest, Restore and Envision at the Forest and Pond Centre.  We ask for a donation of $100 from each adult attendee to help fund our programs at Alighten.  Guests may register using the form at the bottom of the page.  We are a private member association and grant a temporary membership for guests to participate in the Festival. 

On Friday August 23rd we are hosting the Envision Workshop, where we go through a process to collectively envision the future we want to live in. This workshop is hosted both online and in-person in the Cabin in the Woods.

On Saturday August 24th is the Festival!  We have vendors, music, activities and experiences in the Meadow in the Forest.  Schedule will be updated as things find their place: 

  • music every evening
  • speakers
  • presentations
  • areas of activities in the fields
  • outdoor games

On Sunday August 25th is Alighten’s first ever Annual General Meeting held in a Sociocracy format.  We are growing and value our members' feedback, ideas, advice and hearing about where we are at in our projects and in life!  Become a member to join our meeting on Sunday.

About the space:  This year our festival is hosted on the beautiful Forest and Pond Centre located just Northeast of Duvall, Washington.  It is always cooler on this hill during the heat of summer.  Orchestrated by the lovely birds and frogs and the tall trees will welcome you in to camp under the stars umong wildflowers, occasional mosquitoes and good company.

About the Music on Saturday:  From 6 to 9 pm we will hear the The Zipper Chimps: Eva Stokes (songwriter, singer, pianist), Matthew Miller (drums), and David Sterling (bass)  https://evaactonstokes.bandcamp.com/  They are playing with special guest Karyn Michaelson. www.karynmichaelson.com


Alighten Festival is a private member-only event that occurs once a year in the summer.  All attendees must agree to our Provisional Membership Agreement in order to attend the event.  Do you agree to this temporary membership during your duration of interaction with Alighten Members during this festival?  If so, fill out the RSVP form below to let us know you will like to come, you may get guest tickets, then ask your guests to fill the form below to RSVP as well, then we can grant them the temporary membership.

To register for the festival, fill out this form:

Alighten Summer Festival 2024
Fill out the form to register to the festival. After you save the signature you may Register then donate to Alighten for the event. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Guests, Speakers, Musicians and Volunteers, fill out this form:

Alighten Summer Festival
Fill out this form to register to the Alighten Summer Festival as a guest or volunteer. Every adult attendee is required to register and agree to terms of membership. Sign and save the form then press register, it will route you to an optional donation page.

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