The basis of our community are in-person and online events. We host numerous programs for upliftment of all our areas of life. We share ideas, stories and create projects together. All is essential to our shared and individual successes and improvements of our way of life.

We welcome you to explore our many offerings, and if any are a fit we encourage you to reach out to the host to introduce yourself. After coming to an online community event, you are welcome to stay in touch with the other members you meet there. Our hosting is an honor to bring those of like-minds together.

We have different categories for events:

For education support, we host numerous webinars, we collaborate with multiple learning centers across the united States and Canada. A few times a year we host a Teachers Training workshop which is both in-person for those who can make it out to Vancouver, BC or Orcas Island, Washington, and online for those who wish to join virtually.

Online every week we host a series of video calls called Lighthouse International Network Key where we inspire one another into leadership by practicing and using Sociocracy in our meetings which provides structure to our presentation as we explore various topics related to leadership, education, conflict resolution while also touching on the astro-weather and current events. We host multiple presenters and you can access the backlog of recordings by signing up for LINK here.

At Threshold Learning Centre, families who homeschool, unschool and/or are seeking to open a learning center may find multiple resources, workshops online and occasional in-person events in the homeschool/unschool realms.

A project of Threshold is called Showcase, where children “Show Off” their latest project to a small group of other children who meet online weekly with a facilitator educator.

In Duvall, Washington in the Forest, our community hosts regular Sweat Lodges in the traditional Temezcal Ceremony. We have both co-ed lodges, and Full Moon Women's Lodge. Our sweat lodge ceremony may provide an excellent closure to ceremonies or small group events put on by other facilitators. If you are a retreat host, reach out to us to inquire about your small group and their needs.

We also host Women’s Circle as a ceremonial way to connect and support one another as women. Bring what you want to share, and be open to sharing your gifts. We embrace the moment with Songs, celebration and snacks in our round robin style sharing and giving.

We have an upcoming Crafty Sisterhood event April 26-27-28 at our retreat location North Lodge in Maple Falls Washington. More details coming soon.

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