04.03 aboutJoin Alighten Ministries

Our hosts, facilitators, and attendees are all members in private association through Alighten Ministries. We offer our talents, crafts, and share our skills with one another through events, workshops and courses. We are not open to the public and require all members to agree to privacy in our membership agreement.

Participate and be part of creating holistic healthcare and education ecosystems

Provisional membership

     Included in events
     Become member of a project of Alighten

Standard membership

     A one-time donation of $100
     Receive discounts on events
     Offer your talents, knowledge and be of service to other members in the private domain through the Ministry.
     Invite others to receive your services under a provisional membership, donation of $25 one time for each member-client
     Members may offer their services to the community, join our events, retreats and centers of learning.

Practitioner-Member or Educator-Member

     Healthcare Practice or Education Association with a donation contribution of $500 annually,
     Includes full membership to Alighten for each founder / leader of the healthcare practice (includes up to 4 member-practitioner/educator memberships) good for smaller practices of 2 to 5 individual practitioners.
Keep records for your practice confidential.

Contact us to join as a member
alightenministries at gmail dot com

Inner rings system
Each ring has its own threshold/initiation process

Outer ring process - approaching the threshold:
     Become a member
     Become a practitioner, educator or minister of services
     Attend an event, workshop or ceremony
     Take a Sociocracy training

1st ring: Host a call on LINK
2nd ring: Host an event at one of the retreat locations
3rd ring: Become a designated affiliate retreat location and host an event
4th ring: Build the eco village - donations as property, assets, in kind, service, or land share
5th ring: Become an advisor, investor or trustee