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Alighten Members offer their talents, crafts, and share their skills with one another through events, workshops and courses. Our membership brings anyone who is a host, facilitator, or attendee into private association through Alighten Ministries.  We are not open to the public and require all members to agree to privacy in our membership agreement.

Participate and be part of creating holistic healthcare and education ecosystems


Provisional (temporary) Membership

This is our BASIC level of membership that you are agreeing to by simply being on our website and viewing our content, participating in events, programs and webinars. The membership is only active during participation in Alighten programs.

  * Included in events
  * Included in programs
  * Active during participation
  * Guest pass for LINK


Associate Member $25 / year

This membership allows you to engage as a client with Full Membership or above within the Private Membership of Alighten. With the Associate level, you may associate with/ do business with a Full Member, within a project, or activity of Alighten.

  * Enroll in our programs (such as Showcase Kids, Kinder Playgroup, Tiny Folk School and Threshold Learning Centres)
  * Associate with a full member, project or activity in Alighten

Click HERE to join as an Associate Member!


Home-Share membership $50 / year

You may apply to join a home-share community, program or network through this online application portal specific to the community you seek to participate in.

  * For members in the home-share community
  * To attend retreats and events hosted by our members


Full Membership  $100 / year

Join as a full member with Alighten to offer your talents, gifts and skills to the community. Find your passion in sharing your gifts as an individual practitioner, educator, or for a homeschool family pod, this branch is for those offering or Ministering their services within the network.

  * Offer your talents, knowledge and be of service to other members in the private domain through the Ministry
  * Invite others to receive your services under an Associate Membership
  * Full Members may offer their services to the community, join our events, retreats and centers of learning.
  * Full access to weekly LINK and video / document archives
  * Discount of 10% for workshops and events

Click HERE to join as a Full Member!


Practitioner / Educator Membership $500 / year

Instead of opening your own Private Member Association, join at the educator / practitioner level, bring your top team leaders, (up to 3) and practice as a project of Alighten. Operate under the PMA umbrella with us as we shield ourselves from the overreach and regulation of public practices by keeping our work in the private domain. Let’s stay out of the rain!

*  Includes full membership to Alighten for each leader of the healthcare practice or learning center (includes up to 3 member-practitioner/educator memberships, more may join as full members)
  * For co-ops and communities
  * Ongoing support with your practice / education (PMA consultation and assistance with contracts, leases, join meetings in regards to growth process).
  * One hour of consultation focus of your choice included, additional 1-1 consultation available at a 20% discount.
  * Keep records for your practice confidential.
  * Discounts of 10-20% for workshops and events.
  * Includes access to all courses online
  * Full access to weekly LINK and video / document archives.


Open a Home-Share Community

Contact us if you have lodging and want to start, support and sustain the new economy of cooperative housing and need assistance with governance structure and making a system that lasts.


PMA Collaboration

Set up your own PMA / PEA / PHA / Ministry / Church (1800 / 2400 / 4200).  Consult with our PMA Advisor Amber Wright for the process to set up your own private member association.

Walk the Spiral

Rings/Circle system:
Each ring has its own threshold/initiation process

Outer ring process - approaching the threshold:
  * Attend an event, workshop or ceremony as a Provisional Member
  * Become a member in PMA as an Associate or Full Member
  * Take a Sociocracy governance and facilitation training
  * Become a practitioner, educator or minister of services with a Educator or Practitioner Membership

Inner ring process:
   1st ring: Host a call series on LINK
   2nd ring: Host an event at one of the retreat locations
   3rd ring: Become a designated affiliate retreat location and host an event
   4th ring: Build the eco village - donations as property, assets, in kind, service, or land share
   5th ring: Become an advisor, investor or trustee

1st ring: Advocate.
Host a call on LINK
Attend 3 calls as a guest and take a sociocracy workshop, then you are ready to present on a topic of your choice on the 4th call of the month on LINK! Calls will be recorded and available for Full Members and above.

2nd ring: Activator.
Host an event at one of the retreat locations.
Bring your gift, your talents and skills together to offer a workshop at one of our retreat locations. Within a network of learning centers and communities, there is a place to share your skills and be a teacher/mentor in your field.

3rd ring: Affiliate.
Become a designated affiliate retreat location and host an event.
Do you want to host events in the Private Domain? Instead of opening your own membership program, join Alighten as an affiliate to begin the experiential process of membership in action!

4th ring: Ambassador.
Build the eco village - donations as property, assets, in kind, service, or land share.
Do you have land, a home or property sitting empty? Would you like to transition what you are currently doing with a team of others who want to utilize spaces for projects and make change in the world?

We are seeking spaces for retreats, courses, in-person workshops, to join our home-share program, to start learning centers, healing centers and community living and seeking ambassadors to manage these projects. Do you have a space to share? Do you have experience in building community and governance? Walk the ‘Outer to Inner Rings Path’ to open your center through Alighten’s community portal.

5th ring: Advisor.
Become an advisor to Alighten, investor or trustee.
Help us by joining meetings, making decisions and planning for the growth of Alighten. Building community is not an individual’s path, it takes many individuals working together to grow new systems of change. We invite others to join our team in growing these systems of change for good in the world. Follow the ‘Outer to Inner Rings Path’ to find how you may fit in our collective growth.

** Our Private Membership Association is open to all faiths and beliefs. Alighten Ministries observes medical and health-choice freedom. We do not require anyone to disclose their vaccination status or make preferences on status. We do not adhere to government mandates or allow interference in conducting business in the Private Domain. Understanding this is essential to the success of your membership consideration.

While we respect personal medical choices we are a group which supports fundamental freedoms including but not limited to: religion, health and education. We ask new members to be open minded towards others.
In Private Member Associations, we vet our members through an application process that will allow us to build our membership base with the most compatible alignment possible between members. Unless there is a particular portfolio of preferences that would compromise the overarching goals of Alighten Ministries, expressed by potential members through the intake process, we do not discriminate. Once a member joins, they may not share private information about other members or their activities within Alighten outside of our private network without explicit permission to do so.

Participate and be part of creating holistic healthcare and education ecosystems!

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