Temezcal is like our church;

It is the most grounded way to be connected to the earth, to spirit, and with one another. We connect with all four elements, give appreciation to our ancestors, and our spirit guides.

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What is sweat lodge?
This ancient practice is a medicine healing ceremony which uses wood to build the fire, stone to heat in the fire, water to pour on the rocks and a lodge to sit on the earth. We bring in each element to experience directly. In lodge, the steam is the medicine which heals us.
Being in the lodge is like being in the womb, with the red of the rocks representing the first light we see in utero. We have four doors, with an optional fifth door. A door is when we open the blanket on the entrance to the lodge to bring in more rocks. During each round we have a theme and sing traditional Aztecan, Mexican, and Lakota sacred prayer songs.

The experience connects us deeper with our soul, with why we are here, and our intentions.

When we light the fire, we use the coals saved from a previous ceremony fire. In this fire lighting ceremony we cleanse the rocks, the wood, and ourselves then call in the directions. We invite everyone who wishes to participate to be present for the fire lighting ceremony. This way you may join and put your intentions in the fire, the rocks and for your experience, especially if this is your first lodge. Also, in the hours of waiting for the rocks to get hot is a grounded way to connect with one another and to be outside in nature. You are welcome to bring an instrument and share songs during this time.

For clothing, you are welcome to wear loose clothing in the lodge but keep in mind they will become soaking wet from the steam. Clothing is optional, dress to your comfort level. You may want to bring an extra change of clothes. Sometimes women wear a swimsuit, or a sarong, men sometimes wear shorts or shorts and a tee shirt. We have forest moss inside the lodge to sit and lay on. Also, while in the lodge, it is best to not cross your legs as it can halt the flow of energy, and enter the lodge to the left in a clockwise direction.

It’s best to eat light before a lodge, or fast that day. A potluck style picnic is common after the lodge. We can heat food on the embers of the fire, you are welcome to bring food in their cooking pan to warm on the embers.

Donations of blankets and wood are always welcome. We ask for a $50 donation and new participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver membership agreement for Alighten. The agreement can be found here: Provisional Membership Agreement
The fire ceremony starts around noon and lodge starts around 2 or 2:30. We are usually done around 5pm.  RSVP HERE



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