To approach the threshold of any change we must meet our fear and take a leap of faith to begin a Hero’s Journey. 



You may already have your ship in order and sailing strong against the winds of change.  Strong chances are that you are new, curious and unsure of what to do to get untangled from the system. 

We’re here for you!  

Once you have your compass set for the lighthouse, build a community of your family, and friends.  Working on the micro level of community in this way, with the family as your nucleus is the way forward.  

At Alighten Ministries we have worked to build an attainable path for you to walk with support, resources and guidance as needed.  We don't claim to have all the answers, but we have our combined and lived experiences and chances are we can meet you somewhere along the way with a lantern.  Amber specializes in setting up Private Member Associations.  Lee and Suzanne have been teachers, guides and mentors for decades in many different education systems.  We bring our skills and tools to you to help you set up simple, single family education paths to more complex and larger programs that can serve your community.  

Let’s go on the journey together!

Whenever you leave your home, walk from one room to another, or enter a building, you are crossing a threshold—that is, the horizontal floor piece that you cross over whenever you move through a doorway. But the earliest uses of threshold refer to a different type of boundary: an Old English translation of Boethius’s De consolatione philosophiae uses the word in a sentence about how the sea was made so that it didn’t overstep the "threshold," or boundary, of the earth.

The Hero’s Journey is a natural process that everyone can relate to having had at some point in their lives, usually during our adolescence.  Taking the step toward a new beginning is fraught with peril.  Having a map, a guide or a known destination can alleviate the symptoms of pain in needing to make a change in one’s life.  The indications that a change is needed can be felt as an intolerance of one’s current circumstances. The constant reminders of our discontent can give us no peace.  But until one takes steps toward resolving this inner turmoil with an intention, we can only stay in the unbearable circumstances that we are uncomfortable in.

Once we come to the threshold, and choose to step over it into something new, we step into a void.  This step can feel like we relinquish our hold on all that we have tethered to for our safety in our reality.  We must trust in higher powers and in our own divine nature to make the first step.

If we must move toward change, then let us step into the void with trust and confidence. Having a team of like-minded embodied souls can help ease this natural angst of making changes.  

If you are here, in this workshop, you have taken the first step on the Hero’s Journey and crossed the Threshold into finding a new way.  

When I took this step towards freedom, I faced backlash from my ex-husband, his family, his new spouse and I kept going.  Not everyone can go back in time and start over.  Our epiphanies can guide us to our true work in the world and this can happen anytime, wherever you are on your life path.” ~ Suzanne


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