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In this ebook we follow the theory and practical approach used in an open-ended Farm Pod. Children learn best through play and place-based learning, and having access to a working farm, hobby farm or urban farm can support children’s curiosity, build a good work ethic and allow for free expression in an outdoor environment.

Farming education is the earliest type of education. Our ancestors everywhere learned to care for themselves and the land they lived on before the Industrial Revolution brought Industrial Education to communities. “Farm Pods’ and “Farm Schools’ are making a come-back in our modern times. The Farm to School movement began in the 1990’s to raise the quality of food served in public schools. Many homeschoolers knew much earlier than that how valuable learning on a farm can be. But what about teaching academics at a Farm Pod? Can a greenhouse be a classroom?

For the parent, mentor, tutor or learning partner to understand the principles of how to work with designing this very special kind of curriculum is paramount to succeeding in making the best use of it as a learning tool.

MORE! Farm POD Ebook was grown out of a real-time experience of inventing a program out of necessity in hard times on a farm. This method is tried-and-true and still in use today.

We have coming up, several more Ebooks with different pedagogical philosophies and practical applications to share with you all from our own experiences opening programs built on these principles. Look forward to our updates and when we release the next ones.

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