For parents of free-thinking kids!

Are you beginning your journey in homeschooling, concerned about your child's ability to stay connected? Perhaps you are finding yourself in a place of frustration and overwhelm after you have been home educating for a while. Are you finding your children struggling to stay engaged? Are your children coping with loneliness, asking for connection with others? As we break free of the systems which have bound us, it is easy to feel like we are moving through the forest alone and isolated, solo in our homeschooling, unschooling or alternative education journeys. Children also feel this sense of disconnection, often yearning for peers and community. The desire and benefit of learning with others is natural, however many of us only have experienced it in a coercive and indoctrinating way within the institutional education model.

What if there was a space for them to connect, share, celebrate and discover with other like minded children? You don’t have to walk this path alone! We are offering SHOWCASE, a weekly community container to support your children’s learning, to share their stories, their creations and their discoveries, no matter which path they are on, creating a sense of belonging which we all yearn for.

As a special offer for our Unschooling the Mind community, we are opening our SHOWCASE cohorts

Families are taking many paths with a common drive to support children in their individualized learning. The capacity to witness and support others is part of our humanness, and an essential skill.. Sharing what they love and find challenging on this new path, whether it’s what they have done this week or what they are excited about next in a space of mutual respect and delight is an experience every child craves. Within their container of SHOWCASE each child gets an allocated time to share, nurturing curiosity, socialization, empathy, and allowing them to see what other home-learning children are doing which fuels their own internal creation process.  Here is Charlie showing off the spinning wheel:

 The format is simple for the meeting. Kids will sign on, and a skilled educational facilitator will do a check in and introduction, centering the group and creating a space to listen respectfully to one another. Next we will show any art, discoveries, book work, projects, and plans that the children may want to show off. This creates intrinsic motivation to do their home learning projects by having a place to share them with peers. In closing, we have a topic of choice each week to discuss and leave us with “Food for Thought” for the next call, oriented to the seasons, interests of the group, or other emergent topics. In addition to the children's group, there will be an email list and optional telegram group for parents to connect to one another and share their experiences with one another. Then your child is off to explore for another week with the encouragement of community support from their group.

This is the first wave of Showcase Meetings online with Suzanne and Lee weekly on Tuesday mornings from 9-10 PST / 10-11 MST / 11-12 CST / 12-1 EST

These calls will be on the Jitsi platform, you will receive the link after you sign up. The cost is $11 / $22 per child per weekly call in a subscription which you may cancel anytime. Here is the link:

Even if you have children in the public school system, you can still join. We also want to hear how things are going for them. How are they meeting authority, how do they hold their own in the system and thrive? How do you as a parent educate them on the indoctrination to equip them with navigation while being “in the system.” We want to know!

Let’s get talking, sharing and celebrating our lives together!