Crafty Sisterhood Retreats

These workshops were created to offer members the opportunity to have immersion experiences with others working in the Private Domain. Come get educated on Applying Your Rights as a Sovereign Being, learn about Natural Law, take back your family heritage and study Ancestral Storytelling or build your own Family Council. These retreats are held in family trust villages where the government has not reach. We teach skill building and community sharing activities to strengthen ourselves and each other. To participate in retreats, we invite you to Join Alighten as a Member.


Maple Falls Rustic Ski Lodge
Location: King Valley Drive, Kendall, WA

Offerings: ski area access (40 min drive), wilderness access (20 min to Silver Lake, Baker Nat’l Forest trailheads), beaches (40 min to Bellingham Bay), river access (20 min to kayak put in)

Facilities: 1 bathroom, 1 bathhouse, 1 full kitchen

Theme: SEA and SKY

Capacity: 6 beds

APRIL 26-28

Your Felted Container- make yourself a unique shawl wrap, a crane bag for your ceremonial tools, a drum case, a baby bunting, what do you need to swaddle and shroud?

Ancestral skills and storytelling with hands-on projects

4-6 arrive and host a potluck and opening circle meeting

730-8 yoga sunrise session
8-930 breakfast
10-12 session 1 Introduction to Felt Making- the chemistry of fiber
12-2 lunch and storytelling- Mongolian felt making-”women’s work the first 20,000 years” book review and study
2-4 session 2 Wool Working- prep and process for felting
4-6 free time social- working on your own projects, journaling- local hike
6-8 dinner and presentation on ancestral fiber work in our family lineage- felting around the world slideshow

730-8 yoga sunrise session
8-930 breakfast
10-12 session 3 Finishing your felted project
12-2 lunch and local hike
2-4 session 4 Self reflection on the process of expansion and contraction in the felting process
4-6 free time social / dinner and farewell circle


To join, contact Suzanne at 360-788-3518 or email her wonderwoolwoman at gmail dot com

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