We have rights...

As spiritually embodied human beings, we have rights as granted by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Universal Law, written in scripture and written in the Akashic Records.

Co-Creating for the greatest good of all involved.
Divine presence is of and within us all.

It is within our rights to live as a fully realized fully balanced knowing fully capable human exercising our gifts.

It is within our rights to experience physical stability, mental clarity, expansive emotional state, spiritual communication and to reach a state of comfort in living our human potential.

It is within each of our right, with the correct intention, to use the divine creative forces, which is within each of us, for the creation of new and better states of being, new and extraordinary life forms, to explore and expand that which is within our abilities and to re-create that which we think our abilities may be.

Each one of us is presented with many gifts and talents. It is up to each one of us to utilize and expand on that which we may and are capable of.

Within each of us is a guide and expression of inner truth.
Within each of us is intuition.
Within each of us is the ability to communicate in the spirit realm.
Within each of us are stories, timelines, collections of experiences and lessons learned, we have the ability to use this resource for the benefit of all.

We have the right to understand how connected we all are.
We have the right to know and practice how powerful we are and can be.

We have the right to elevate our consciousness, our mind, our emotional state, our physical being to the highest states of joy and compassion and above, without being impeded upon, harassed, abused, or brought down to lower states of consciousness by other beings physical or non-physical without consciously and compassionately doing so willingly.

Thus, all beings are protected.

Knowing oneself fully means a being is in the awareness to make this decision to maintain, raise and lower their vibrational frequency willingly and with trust that this higher self makes decisions that are in alignment for the greater good of all.

Each person has the right to hold and maintain the frequency, the mindset, the appearance, that they wish to be and to hold.

This is the Alighten Manifest.


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