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Mission / Vision Statement

To activate our highest potential by building systems of culture in community, education, healing and environmental stewardship.  

Our Core Values

With education, we focus on keeping it real.  To keep children in their bodies, experiencing the world through physical connection and sensory integration. We strive to build an embodied  connection to self, and relational connection to family, place, and community.

We connect through technology as a tool, not a replacement for the human experience. We plan continuous in-person connection opportunities with us and support building local-to-you communities with like minded private member groups.  We value the quality of connection and carry a responsibility towards each other and earth for future generations.

We acknowledge, respect and embody a deep connection with Spirit by listening to the intuitive downloads and inspiration which come to us.  We carry the traditions of our ancestors to share, participate in and teach ceremonies, along with methods of healing the body, spirit and mind.

At Alighten the governance structure is a Circle Council approach which includes Sociocracy, The 8 Shields Model, The Way of Council and Three Fold Governance in our pursuit to create communities and follow a new but ancient way of how we relate, work and live.  A new economy will emerge from this foundation work and we are ready to receive and participate in it.  

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What is Alighten?

Our hosts, facilitators, and attendees are all members in private association through Alighten Ministries.  We offer our talents, crafts, and share our skills with one another through events, workshops and courses.  We are not open to the public and require all members to agree to privacy in our membership agreement.

We are building the new economy!

Parallel structures which will be the new earth economy. We are here to make the world a better place, and we cannot do this alone. We need all of us, working together opening our minds, expanding what we personally think we are capable of. It's about human optimization and giving opportunities for all to grow in awareness.

We are a community. We offer our services to one another. We assist learning pods or homeschool groups to become members and offer specialized classes. We assist healing practitioners to offer their gifts to help our members thrive and live in optimal health. In this way, we support and uplift one another.

We host private events with music, specialized speakers, networking, delicious foods and of course, dancing and movement integration. A fun and high vibration reality is what we will create by collaborating with artists of all types from around the globe!

04.07 aboutHow can I help?

Join our community, to share and collaborate and expand in an open model of operating in the Private Domain, wherever our members live. 


A note on inclusivity. In the light of emerging topics, we have looked at our shared views and position and are examining our stance on them. We believe in health freedom, including personal medical choices.

We support individuals to choose the way they wish to identify themselves as a human being. We do not support paedophilia or the sexualization of children. The gender-inclusivity topic is a hot one lately with Amber hosting women-only events and asking if those who attend are “naturally-born or biological females”. In the past, we have hosted events for those who refused the covid vaccine during a time when the unvaccinated population were excluded, restricted, rejected and shunned from mainstream life activities.

As a Private Member Association, our members may hold events for certain groups of individuals with differing views, this may result in excluding others. This is how a private member association sometimes works to serve our diverse membership base the best, which is why we have an application process to sign up. If you are looking to host an event in our network, become a member and discuss with us your idea.

🙏🏼 Many Blessings to you all 🙏🏼

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