Womens New Moon Sister Circles Duvall

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We welcome Sisters to join us to celebrate the phases of the moon on Thursday evenings between 6 and 7:30. We will open with grounding intentions and connect with the elements, then move into a catchy song we can all share. Then we will sit in a circle and share what is on our hearts. Listening is a way of supporting one another through the ups and downs turbulent life may take us on, as we grow and evolve. Share what is on your heart.

We will move into an activity, reflections which are guided by a lovely book for women's circle called Wild and Wise. We also have a selection of activities to choose from which will make each circle meeting interesting and different. We will have a closing circle, gather our energies and go back to our families and personal lives, to meet again bi-weekly throughout the year.

Our meetings are hosted in the forest in a private cabin. We welcome our participants to become private members in association with Alighten Ministries. A donation of $20 to $40 is appreciated.  Our meetings are on the days of the New Moon.  For this reason our once-a-month Women's Circles occur various days of the week. 

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New Moons in 2024
April 8th Monday
May 7th Tuesday
June 6th Thursday
July 5th Friday
August 4th Sunday
September 2nd Monday
October 2nd Wednesday
November 1st Friday
November 30th Saturday
December 30th Monday