We are a community of holistic practitioners, instructors and aware humans. Activating our highest potential through holistic modalities of healing; through learning and sharing our knowledge; and by the way we live. Join us our growing network of aware and empowered people who are actively creating the New Earth Economy.

Read the Alighten Manifest to learn about Spiritual values.

Check out our Learning page for information about our coaching for learning centers and online course "How to Launch a Learning Center in 12 Steps"


Welcome to the new version of the Alighten webpage! We are now hosted on a secure server! Your information is kept secure on our website and not syphoned off. We do not use AI in our interactions with you and are authentic humans with pure intentions of creating holistic systems.  We assist others in creating education centers in their community.  Go to our courses page to sign up for our online courses!

When you create a new education model, you are doing two processes at once: you are healing your own school trauma experience if you have any while creating a new one for others.  This is why education and healing go hand in hand.  In the Private Domain model of Private Healing Centers, we are able to interact one-on-one with holistic healthcare practitioners.  This allows us to have a concentric approach to our personalized healing process.  There is no one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to our gifts as holistic healing practitioners! 

We thank our visitors for their patience as new features are coming soon: submit your events, scheduling appointments, practitioner database, learning center database, payment portal, contact forms and a community forum. If you see any errors on our website or want to get in touch for any reason, you are welcome to send an email to alightenministries at protonmail dot com.


We are a network of healing practitioners.

Our member practitioners offer a wide range of services from: reiki, massage, energy healing, chiropractic care, midwifery, plant medicine, fungus medicine, naturopathy, nutritionist, dark field microscopy, optician, and more. Due to the sensitivity of our members info, we request you to fill a request form for an appointment for a consultation with a Wayfinders specialist.

Be in balance in your mind, body, and soul. We believe that all beings have a divine right to be in balance within their own existence. We are supportive and guide those on their path to achieve peace of mind and soul.


We provide education which goes above and beyond the traditional systems of learning, allowing children to discover and excel in what they are naturally good at. With a focus on basic academic knowledge to trades, we integrate hands on learning in practical life scenarios.

The multiple learning centers in our network locations are built with human values and quality of education in mind. We encourage our youth to become experts at what they are good at, by encouraging their natural childlike curiosity. Learn more about our database of learning centers here.

Alighten Learning Centers offer an alternative to traditional public schooling, and an added support for homeschooling. We provide a place for learning pods, and homeschool groups to organize, meet and support one another for their children's progress of education. Learn more about how to open a Private Education Association, or list your current center in our database for inquiries in your area.


Our private network is a great place to find events, summer festival, camp rental, and dance parties. Support and join our association to help with the movement of creating a better New Earth for us all!

We are creating the new systems, a parallel economy, a place to offer what you do to others who are of like mind. We are open to changing the way we think about doing things, and doing them better.

Become a full member with a $100 one-time donation with your application, print out this form and send in your wet signature application by mail. We will email you a login link to our online social media hosted by our own secure server.

* Create your profile

* Post articles, pictures and videos

* Connect with others who are aware from all around the world.

* Sell your products

* Connect and associate with other members

* Know your data is secure on the Alighten server, we will never sell your information and it’s not being secretly stored by the NSA!


What Alighten is About:

     * Helping others start and run successful learning centers

     * Opening healthcare centers, healing retreat centers, detox centers and healing pods.

     * Online store where our members sell their products and services.

     * Online learning for all ages, where members sell courses to the public, create in-person learning experiences, and share knowledge and skills. Trade schools, community centers, courses online as pdf downloads and online courses.

     * Creating intentional communities.

     * In-person Events!!! Live music, catered events, retreats, healing workshops, sound healing, sweat lodges, natural medicine retreats and healing.

We are a spiritual organization and preserve our rights to assemble and share knowledge, joy and community in ways we see fit with our association. As a member community in the private domain, we retain our right to practice our freedoms without the government claiming jurisdiction in our affairs.

We help others start Private Associations


For those who have a current practice, and want to convert to private, our advisor can show you how.