Welcome to our community!

We are holistic practitioners, instructors and aware humans. Our private community is for change-makers, action-takers and way-showers who are DOING THE WORK of uplifting themselves, their consciousness, their lifestyle and actively creating the world they want to live in.

Join our online community where we host webinars for homeschoolers/unschoolers, and weekly video meetings on leadership development called LINK where we can each be a lighthouse to others.

We help others start homeschool pods, micro schools and learning centers at Threshold Learning Centre and our online course How to Start a Learning Centre in 12 Steps.

For those local to or visiting the Pacific Northwest we have many in-person workshops, retreats and ceremonies.

Here is our events page.

In order to build a new system that rises from the old, we need to have a strong community. Let’s build a network of learning centres, teaching the coming generations, sharing our skills and learn from each other! Imagine a new health system, healing body, mind and spirit for optimal individual health.

Come join us in authenticity, autonomy and create the stability of shared intentions. Integrate a new economy that serves us better than the old.

Many of our members hold the vision of living in community. Our philosophy of self-governance and servant leadership paired with Sociocracy and Circle Council invites individuals to shine in mutual collaboration while manifesting their dreams.

In the shared vision are ways for our community to share LAND in the Alighten Institute and Healing Centre.

Jump on board as a member and join our growing network of aware and empowered people who are actively creating the New Earth Economy.

Check out our Learning page for information about our consulting for learning centers and online course "How to Launch a Learning Center in 12 Steps"

Read the Alighten Manifest to learn about Spiritual values.

We are a Spiritual Ministry preserving our rights to assemble and share knowledge, joy and community in ways we see fit with our association. As a member community in the private domain, we retain our right to practice our freedoms without the government claiming jurisdiction in our affairs.


We help others start Private Associations


For those who have a current practice, and want to convert to private, our advisor can show you how.


Welcome to the new version of the Alighten webpage. We are hosted on a secure server where information is kept secure on our website.  We do not collect cookies or share user data with anyone. We do not use AI in our interactions with you and are authentic humans with pure intentions of creating holistic systems.  If you have questions or need help, you are welcome to send an email to info at alighten dot org