During this time of co-vid mandated control, some of us have been unable to visit our loved ones in the hospital. We are required to take the invasive

PCR test to show a negative result or show vaccination papers before having essential medical care. When people do have co-vid and are in hospitals, the hospital protocol is to provide a medication (Rendesivere) which makes it worse, and the medicines which have been proven to save lives have been blocked and restricted. These are just a few examples of the lack of common sense where medical procedures are based on political basis and financial incentives, and not healing care.

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The problem is that our traditional "hospitals" are refusing people care. They are practicing medical discrimination by only giving care to those who have chosen to receive the co-vid injection.

Many of our hospitals have already fired staff who have not gotten the co-vid injection. Many states have not reissued licenses for some of our healthcare providers. For instance, a really amazing chiropractic doctor has received a notice that he can no longer practice in the state of Washington. Many of our doctors are leaving the state.

A nutritionist of over 20 years did not receive a reissuance of her license to practice, because she did not receive the co-vid injection. As a member of a PMA organization, she is using her skills again. This is because, when we make a private member to member agreement, we are not giving the government jurisdiction to govern our affairs. When we do a private agreement, the government has no say in the matter. For example, when I invite a friend over for tea, it is a private agreement. Somehow, through the trickle effect of government overreach, we have become accustomed to the government dictating our lives. It’s time to not be scared of living our lives without the government telling us what we are allowed to do or not do: we are fully capable of living in a natural way with the basic provisions of the constitution.

Many of us can see the system is broken, and right now we have the opportunity to create our new system of a parallel economy. We are in the middle of change, and with this change comes opportunity. Those of us who are aware of these problems must collectively act together in creating our alternate health system for a better world!

“Our current hospitals are essentially Death Centers.” as Keith Vowell, the co-founder of Alighten, calls them. “We are creating Life Centers. This is where we go to receive advanced healing technology and to live optimally as human beings. We don’t want our patients to come back, because we want them to thrive and be in optimal health.”

It is in centers like these, that practitioners can evaluate and treat the whole person, as we change our focus from treating symptoms to treating the cause. In centers like these, we can bring in technology for treatments. We can bring in frequency healing machines that are safe and effective, as well as ancient healing and medicinal practices that are centuries old. Typically, these technologies and modalities are not available at traditional hospitals. Healing machines are advancing rapidly where the state cannot keep up with creating rules for how we are supposed to use them. Knowing and practicing these modalities is a threat to the state, and population control strategies as they are actually helping people heal and be their whole, vibrant and aware selves. Big Pharma, politicians and state bureaucracies thrive off of sick people who they can control.

If you are ready to experience a parallel economy, we welcome you to take a look at Alighten, which is a Private Membership Association. This is a network of people serving one another. In a PMA, members work with other members via private agreement(s), and by doing so, we the people are not giving the government the jurisdiction to govern our affairs through license regulations or business mandates. At Alighten, they can also show you how to set up a PMA, transfer your business into a PMA or join their PMA and start practicing or offering services privately to other members.

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For more information about Life Centers, how to become a member to have access to their practitioners, their learning pods or centers, and to offer services for others, contact us with the chat button on lower right of the page.

Their first fundraising event is scheduled for Friday, February 18th. Enjoy dinner with live music, a motivational presentation, and closing with dancing music. It is essential for us to gather, connect and share our good energy with one another. This is what Alighten is about. Doing good things to create a better world, one step at a time.

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Seeking donors to help us open our first Ascension Life Center, more information on our donation page.