Smaller, decentralized educational networks are popping up all over the country.

More and more, families are teaming up together to homeschool, start homeschool pods, Charter School, Cooperative School, Unschooling, Emilio Reggio, Montessori, Waldorf, Learning Centers, Learning Networks, Forest School, Farm School, Sudbury, Summerhill, Sociocracy, or Democratic models of education.  Whether the learning center endures depends on how they run the internal structure of the main team, parent body, instructors, and communication. 

Are you a lead administrator for a Learning Center?  We are seeking to support you!  Coming Soon: our database of foundational documents.  You are welcome to also share curriculum plans, worksheets and activities in our free Forum or for sale through our website.  Coming soon!  We have our consultants ready to help if you need some one on one advice with how to set up or manage your learning center.


Centers of Learning Directory

In addition to providing support for those who wish to open a Center of Learning, we also have a database of parents who want to inquire about where these Centers are located! We welcome you to join our directory, and ask for a $25 contribution to be on our directory. In this way, we can help connect learning centers with the parents who need them!

For Administrators:
Add your Learning Center to our Directory. To connect with parents across the nation who are looking for a Center like yours! We ask for a $25 donation. Email, phone, name of center, location, your message, upload photo.

For Parents:
Who are seeking to connect with a Learning Center in a specific area, fill out the contact form below:
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