Start a Learning Center in 12 Steps

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Wednesday, August 02, 2023
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Launch Your Learning Center in 12 Steps

Online Course
We offer the support of peers and community in creating a learning center, learning pod, or homeschool co-op which can provide the freedom, sustainability and community collectiveness that we need to raise wholesome, knowledgeable children.

Join the next cohort of aspiring and current educators, facilitated by Suzanne Glick, Amber Wright, and Lee Hogan-Knott. Suzanne shares her deep wisdom from over 25 years as a teacher, program director, workshop facilitator and parent to guide us through the process of creating freedom-based education with practical knowledge, imagery, imagination, and creativity. As a Private Education Association mentor, Amber has extensive experience supporting parents and community members navigate ways to ensure your learning center goals are protected and given sanctuary to thrive. Lee contributes her 25 years of experience in program creation, learner-centered education advocacy, community organizing, and cross-modality curriculum design and implementation to support your vision. You may book one-on-one time with Suzanne, Amber, or Lee go deeper into specific areas of interest for you with our facilitators.

This is a great way to learn how to plan and what to do when starting, or to revamp your currently running learning center. Our online course is set to launch on August 2nd at  This is a college level course which will require a committment of time for reading, watching videos, doing tasks, reflections, journalying and integration of the materials covered during each of the 12 steps.  The course is accessed with a $1500 good faith donation to Alighten. 

Click HERE for the course description.  And click HERE for the application.


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