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June 22nd 2022
Why Float Therapy Is a Trend That Is Here to Stay

Earlier this week, we at Alighten provided some general information about the alternative healing technology called the Energy Enhancement System, invented by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Today we will be offering information about the popular alternative healing technology referred to as float therapy.

Some of you have potentially heard of float therapy before reading this post. This healing technology has grown in popularity over the past few decades since it was invented and has become somewhat of an ongoing trend over the last 10 years. Many YouTubers and prominent channels, such as BuzzFeed, have made videos about the float therapy experience. This form of therapy was even featured in the 12th season of the popular American Sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, in 2019. This healing technology can be a great alternative for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and/or depression, but do not wish to simply suppress their symptoms through pharmaceutical medication.

What is float therapy?
7.1 float therapy
Float therapy takes place in what can be referred to as a float tank, sensory deprivation tank, or an isolation tank. According to Pure Float, a Canadian float tank location, float tanks are “filled with 300 millimeters of Epsom salt and water heated to the outer skin temperature.” These tanks eliminate any light and visual stimuli; therefore, the floater is free of stimulation and distraction. Furthermore, the 1000 lbs. of Epsom salts in the tank creates a buoyant environment, causing the participant to float with ease. The sessions usually last an hour, but some locations also have 30 minute sessions, usually intended for children, and some have sessions longer than an hour.

How was float therapy created?

Just float, a float therapy location in Los Angeles, delves into the history of float therapy, stating that “the first float tank was developed in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly, a neuropsychiatrist interested in the effects of sensory deprivation on the brain.” His work evolved and 18 years later in 1972, the first commercially available float tank was made public. Today, there are many researchers exploring the effects of float therapy, and how it can aid the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression. Neuropsychologist, Justin Feinstein, is a prominent researcher in the float therapy community, and we will discuss some of his research in the following section.

How does float therapy work?
7.2 float therapy
When someone is in a float tank, essentially all of their senses are cut off. They cannot see or hear anything, the Epsom salts nullify all other scents present, and the water and air are set to the floater’s body temperature. John Diskerson, a CBS Mornings co-host who tried float therapy, explains that at a certain point during his session he no longer knew where his limbs ended and the water began.

The feeling of weightlessness during a session can allow for complete muscle relaxation. As a whole, the experience of sensory deprivation slows your body and mind down. In today’s world we encounter many stressors, especially with the ever-increasing use of social media and the continuously rising political climate. Float therapy creates a space where many people are able to let go of their daily stressors and worries. In a video, neuropsychologist Feinstein discusses how during a float session the brain is essentially being told to quiet down by the body. Typically, a floater’s heart rate and blood pressure levels will lower while their breaths per minute will slow. This state of relaxation can have incredible benefits for many people. Feinstein continues to research float therapy’s effect on the body. His experiments and research could potentially lead to a discovery about whether the regular exposure to the quietude that float therapy participants experience could allow them to access that same quietude outside of the tank as well. If this theory is proven, the known benefits of float therapy could continue to rise.

How is float therapy a useful healing technology resource and who can it be useful for?

There are many benefits that float therapy can provide. Pure Float lists the potential float therapy benefits including:

stress, anxiety and depression relief,

the reduction of chronic fatigue caused by insomnia and jet lag,

creative stimulation,

the acceleration of mental clarity and learning,

the deepening of meditation practices,

the soothing of chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, inflammation and tendonitis,

the improvement of athletic performance,

a decrease in muscular tension caused by daily stresses and prolonged sitting, improved circulation and reduction of blood pressure,

accelerated healing,

and the general strengthening of the immune system.

Pure Float also emphasizes that the magnesium in the Epson salts can “promote bone and heart health, and even improve insulin sensitivity, which can help prevent diabetes.” The salts also help the body by removing free radicals which are “small particles that can damage your cells and increase inflammation, resulting in the development of conditions such as cancer and autoimmune disorders.”

Other sources like Health Essentials further argue that float therapy can increase feelings of optimism and focus and can even aid people who experience sleep difficulties. This is supported by a study performed back in 2014 which found that when compared to a control group, those who utilize float therapy have better sleep quality, are more optimistic, have reduced depression, anxiety, and stress, and are more mindful in their daily life.

While float therapy can have extreme benefits for many, it is not necessarily useful for everyone. It may not relieve anxiety and stress in someone who does not enjoy the experience of being inside a float tank. Moreover, Health Essentials emphasizes that the experience is not recommended for those who are claustrophobic, have open wounds or skin conditions, or those who have seizure disorders. Understanding this, those who feel comfortable giving float therapy a try may find that it greatly benefits their daily wellbeing.

How can people gain access to and utilize this healing technology?
7.3 float therapy
As previously stated, float therapy has become increasingly popular, and Just Float estimates that “today there are more than 500 float centers across more than a dozen countries overseas and more than 150 places to float in North America, with more opening every month.” This indicates that people increasingly have more and more access to float therapy and the benefits it can provide. This is especially true if you live near a major city. According to Flotation Locations, there are 18 locations to partake in float therapy in Washington alone. This site provides information on the closest float locations based on city or zip code.

You can also buy your own float tank/pod if it is within your budget. The prices will widely vary depending on the size of and the features included in the float tank/pod you are looking at. The prices will generally range from $5,000 to $30,000.

How can float therapy healing support other healing technologies?

Float Therapy is just one of many alternative healing technologies that are available to the public. In fact, this type of therapy can also support the healing that other healing technologies promote. For instance, some people who utilize float therapy also use healing technologies like the rife machine, developed by Royal Rife in the 1920’s. For instance, the Natural Paths Healing Arts Center YouTube channel promotes both float therapy and rife machine benefits. We will be discussing the rife machine in a later blog post, so if you are interested keep an eye out for that post.

Finishing Thoughts

Float therapy can be a great resource for anyone who feels comfortable with the experience, but it can be particularly useful for people suffering from daily or severe stress, anxiety, and/or depression. For many people it is a place to escape from the chaos of daily life and can be a useful tool for finding relaxation and clarity. Many people have already and continue to take advantage of this resource as float therapy continuously gains popularity. Many people have documented their experiences, and these videos can be found online. We are providing a few examples down below if you want to do some further research on float therapy and other’s experience with it. In addition, we have included all of the sources used to write this post at the bottom if you wish to check any of them out. We hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, and we hope to see you back for our next post!

Personal Float Therapy Experiences:

Questions to consider

Feel free to discuss these questions in the comment section down below if you feel comfortable doing so, or you can ask your own questions if you have any for us.

Have you tried float therapy before? If so, how was the experience for you?

If you have not tried float therapy before, do you think it would be a useful tool for you?

Do you have any float tanks in your town or in one nearby? If so, which one(s)?

Sources,float%20 tank%20 emerged%20in%201972

June 14th 2022
What is the Energy Enhancement System and How it Could Change Your Life

Contrary to popular belief, the current healthcare system in America, as well as in many other countries, does not always have patients’ best interests at heart. Each person has their own unique needs when they are unwell, whether that be physically, mentally, or spiritually unwell. Unfortunately, the American healthcare system as a whole, including hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, is driven by money and the desire to profit from patients’ illnesses rather than the inclination to provide individualized holistic healthcare. There are many patients who do not want to be involved with the current healthcare system and in turn seek alternative forms of healthcare and healing technologies. There are many alternative healing options that do not encourage the dependency on prescriptions or advise the exposure of one’s body to sometimes dangerous and unnecessary procedures.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we at Alighten will be offering information through our blog about a variety of healing technologies that can be beneficial to anyone who wants to holistically care for their bodies, patients seeking alternative healing, and potentially those looking for a "medical miracle". We are planning to include these advanced technologies for healing in our Life Centers. Now, let’s start by delving into the healing technology called the Energy Enhancement (EE) System.

What is the Energy Enhancement (EE) System, and how does it work?
8.1 ee system
The EE System is described by the Wholeness Healing Center as a “technology that creates an enhanced energy field” that can promote healing. The creator of the EE System, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, compares the EE System’s effect on the body to a phone being recharged in an interview with author and youtuber, Jason Shurka. She explains that the light healing chamber of the EE System creates a hyper healthy healing energetic environment where the body’s cells can recharge. In other words, the EE System provides a place for the body to heal itself. The system does not heal the body; the body heals the body.

How was the EE System created?

In her interview with Shurka, Dr. Michael explains her journey of creating the EE System. Her family worked on nuclear bomb technology, which encouraged her to explore how humans can heal in spite of the mass radiation exposure we have experienced. She studied many natural healing technologies such as the Rife Machine and dabbled in many other forms of alternative healing such as chiropractic work, Ayurveda, and nutrition. Finally, in 1978, she built her first scaler light healing chamber. This is the chamber that creates a hyper healthy healing energetic environment where the body’s cells can recharge.

What are the Different Forms of the EE System Healing Technology?

The EE System can take the form of a typical 24-unit full system located at centers, a smaller cube or standard system, an EE medallion, or an EE bracelet. Smaller cube systems, medallions, and bracelets are more readily used on a day to day basis, and according to Dr. Michael, the medallions are stronger than the bracelets and can be used to alleviate pain similar to the effectiveness of an aspirin.

8.2 eesystem
Cube System

8.3 eesystem
EE Medallions

8.4 eesystem
EE Bracelets

How is the EE System a useful healing technology resource, and who is it useful for?
8.5 eesystem
The EE System recharges the cells of our bodies with biocalor energy. According to the EE System website, it “uses custom-installed computers to generate morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing.” This healing can be useful to everyone, including people who are looking for a "medical miracle". This can improve one’s sense of wellbeing, rejuvenate one’s body, and/or alleviate stress, pain, and jet lag. More serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, strokes, etc. can be improved with the EE System. It can even provide patients with “medical miracles”. Dr. Michael herself explains in her interview with Shurka that in one example, the EE System helped a patient's vision return by making cataracts disappear. Moreover, the EE System can improve everyone’s vision and hearing even if they do not have a vision or hearing disability. The last benefit we will discuss here today, is how the EE System can be useful for relaxation through meditation, and is even a technology used by meditation and wellness centers to “improve human development and psychological well-being” according to the EE System website.

How can people gain access to this healing technology?

While the benefits of this technology are broad and important, very few know that the EE System technology exists. Furthermore, many skeptics doubt the authenticity of EE System patients’ stories and Dr. Michael’s life-long work and research. Therefore, it is important for those who know about and understand this technology to spread their knowledge of it. The current EE System US and international center locations are listed in a link provided below. Currently, 90% of EE System technology is located in private homes. This technology includes the EE System cubes, medallions, and bracelets. Dr. Michael explains in her interview with Shurka that her goal is to have 90% of EE System technology available to the public through centers, and she emphasizes that anyone can open these centers with the right resources. This is one of the reasons she is dedicated in her work to spreading awareness about the technology she created.

EE System Center Locations

Finishing Thoughts:

The benefits of exploring alternative healing methods are wide and many. As useful and caring traditional healthcare may seem, it is not always the best option for patients in need of treatment. The healthcare system needs patients to gain money and usually wants those patients to rely on the pharmaceutical industry to function. By turning to alternative healing technologies such as the EE System, patients often find a solution to their medical issues without relying on medication or enduring intense procedures. The EE System, created by Dr. Michael provides patients, seemingly ill or not, with life-changing benefits. Patients boast about their miracle experiences, and Dr. Michael explains the research and findings of why her technology can be useful to the public as a whole. If this technology is of interest to you, we highly recommend you look further into Dr. Michael’s work. The sources used for this post will be linked below and include even more information and video links discussing EE System technology.

Questions to Consider:

Before reading this post, had you ever heard of the Energy Enhancement System?

Did you learn anything useful from this post about the benefits this technology can provide?

Is this a technology you would be interested in exploring more? If so, would you consider buying one of their products, such as a medallion or a bracelet, or traveling to one of their centers for a healing session?


Energy Enhancement System Site:

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and Jason Shurka Interview:

Energy Enhancement System Wholesome Healing Center:

June 13th
How can you best support your body when you catch a cold?

There are many ways we can support our bodies naturally during a cold, and this post will discuss some useful tips for how we can care for ourselves while sick. With plenty of rest and self care, getting extra sleep, eating nourishing foods, drinking plenty of liquids, taking vitamins or supplements, using essential oils and other homeopathic treatments, and avoiding intentionally reducing a low grade to moderate fever can all support someone during their recovery from an illness.
Rest, Self Care, and Sleep
10.1 how can you support your body when you catch a cold
We all catch colds from time to time, and some people choose to take cold medicine to minimize their symptoms and go about their lives. However, instead of taking pharmaceutical medication or going to see a doctor, there are many natural ways we can support our bodies while we are healing. When we get colds, our bodies want us to slow down and recover, not take medicine that dampens our symptoms so we can push through our illnesses by working long hours. Not taking the time to rest and enduring increased stress can prolong an illness, making our bodies work harder than they need to. This is why it is crucial for us to take a break when we have a cold if our lifestyles allow for it. If we can take off work or relinquish some of our household duties onto our partners or other family members, we will be better able to support our bodies’ processes of healing by resting, getting extra sleep, and caring for ourselves.

Nourishing foods

While many of us may want to eat something quick from the pantry while sick, eating nourishing foods can be very beneficial in our processes of healing. It can be useful to avoid added processed sugars when possible, and eat foods that are nourishing, comforting, and easy for the body to process. Foods like soup, applesauce, and toast can be comforting, nutritious, and filling. Soup is one of the best foods to eat during a cold, especially when it is made with either bone or alkaline broth. Bone broth is one of the most nutritious liquids, and makes a great base for many soups. Alkaline broth is a great substitute for people who do not eat meat. There are many recipes online for bone and alkaline broth recipes, and below are links to a couple recipes. These broths do take time to make; therefore, it can be useful to have a batch on hand in the freezer for the next time you catch a cold.


Bone Broth:


Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important while recovering from a cold and should not be ignored, but there are also other liquids that are useful to a healing body. Bone or alkaline broth can be drunk plain outside of a soup, which can be useful to people who may not be up for eating solid foods due to an upset stomach. Unsweetened sparkling water can also help with the cold symptom of nausea. Orange juice, especially fresh squeezed, is high in vitamin C and supports the body while sick. Lastly, hot drinks such as tea or hot water with lemon or honey help keep the body warm and soothe a sore throat. Herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile, Yogi Throat Comfort, and Medicinals Organic Throat Coat can be especially comforting.


Four of the best vitamins and supplements to take while sick are vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and quercetin.

Vitamin C is useful for bodily healing processes, and can speed up the recovery from a cold. Typically we get vitamin C through our food. It can be found in citrus fruits, spinach, broccoli, berries, etc. However, we can also get vitamin C through an oral supplement. Eating vitamin C-dense foods or supplementing with oral tablets or capsules can support the body during a cold.

According to the National Library of Medicine, a vitamin D deficiency can be linked to “increased susceptibility to infection.” Appropriate levels of vitamin D in the body support the immune system and can aid in the recovery from an illness. Vitamin D can also be found in a supplement oral tablet or capsule form.

Taking zinc and quercetin supplements can also help one’s body during recovery from a cold. Dr. J Zimmerman discusses how zinc and quercetin work together to support the body in an article linked down below. Zimmerman explains that “zinc is vital for immune system function. Zinc controls immune system messaging within the cells and is also an antioxidant (prevents cell damage) and is anti-inflammatory.” He then goes on to state that “the major benefit of taking quercetin with zinc is that the quercetin will push the zinc into the center of the cell where the zinc can stop the virus from reproducing.” In other words, quercetin supports zinc’s effort to help heal the body.

National Library of Medicine Vitamin D and Immune System Link:

Dr. J Zimmerman Zinc and Quercetin Article:



Essential Oils
Essential oils can be a great tool for us to use when we catch a cold. Certain essential oils are useful for relieving congestion and headaches and others can promote relaxation and potentially reduce stress levels. Essential oils can be used in diffusers, vaporizers, or humidifiers. These machines put more moisture into the air, which can ease cold symptoms on their own, and by adding essential oils to the machines, symptoms of congestion, for example, can be further relieved. Essential oils can also be placed directly onto one’s external skin (for example: chest, feet, temples); however, some people may be sensitive to certain essential oils so it is important to test out the oil on a small area of skin first. If the oils are too strong on their own for one’s skin, they can be combined with a carrier oil, such as grape seed oil. Essential oils that are good for congestion include, but are not limited to, eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree. Lavender can also help with congestion and is calming; therefore, it is also useful in reducing stress. In addition to individual essential oils, many companies sell essential oil blends. These can be useful for relieving cold symptoms such as a headache. For instance, Revive Headache Relief essential oil blend includes a blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, lavandin grosso, peppermint, and hyssop. Lastly, these oils can also be used to make a homemade mentholatum or vapor rub that includes natural ingredients to help with congestion. Below, a link will be included to a homemade vapor rub.

Vapor Rub:

Other Natural Healing Tools

A helpful way to take preventative measures against a cold is to gargle with warm salt water. This helps to wash out bacteria in the mouth and throat. This can be done throughout the duration of a cold to reduce the bacteria present. Herbal throat sprays can also reduce pain in the throat. These are a great alternative to many cough drops which often contain sugar.

If possible, it is also beneficial to get out in the sun when you have a cold. The vitamin D from the sun and the fresh air from outside are useful in helping our bodies to heal.

Avoiding Intentional Fever Reduction

Contrary to common belief, it can be beneficial to avoid the intentional reduction of a low grade to moderate fever. When we get a cold, it is often accompanied by a fever because the fever helps in fighting off the infection by killing the virus. Instead of trying to lower a low grade to moderate fever, it is important to keep the body appropriately warm during a cold. While baths and showers are warm and can aid in reducing congestion, it is better to take a bath only when one does not have a fever because as soon as one exits the warm water, their temperature will drop. This is why it is also beneficial for people to avoid washing their hair while they have a fever. Their temperature will remain more even if they can keep their body constantly warm.

Below is a link to a piece written by Dr. Susan R. Johnson MD, who addresses children and fevers. This piece discusses anthroposophical medicine, and Johnson highlights that “in anthroposophical medicine, a fever is seen as good because it actually strengthens the child's immune system and helps a child get further into their physical body.”

Finishing Thoughts

We all will encounter viruses and bacteria throughout our lives, and it is important to understand how we can naturally heal our bodies without the help of pharmaceutical cold medicines or doctors. For most of us, our bodies know how to heal themselves without the help of pharmacists or doctors. We just need to learn how we can support our bodies while they are going through their natural healing processes. This post covers how most of us can take care of ourselves and our bodies in natural and holistic ways. Trusting our bodies is essential, and to do this we each need to do what is best for our individual bodies. By listening to what our bodies need, we can each individually learn how we can best support ourselves.

Questions to Consider

How do you care for yourself while you are unwell?

Are there any additional natural healing methods you would recommend or wish to share?

What is your favorite form of self-care when you have a cold?

Are there any natural healing tips you learned in this post that you want to try and implement into your routine the next time you have a cold? If so, which one(s)?

Podcast with Joe Rosatti, Part 1

Meet Amber Wright and Keith Vowell, founders of Alighten is a network of healing practitioners, teachers and resources.

We also discuss Private Membership Associations or PMA's. Amber is well versed in assisting those interested in joining under the Alighten umbrella or starting their own PMA.

Keith Vowell is also the founder of Ascension life centers. These centers will specialize in naturopathic, ayurvedic, holistic and spiritual modalities, paired with leading edge technologies. The focus is to maintain and extend the life of our members with a new approach to what it means to be alive and thrive.

More info on Joe Rosati at

April 11th 2022
Re-Defining Healthcare

Have you refused to be indoctrinated by main-stream media?

Can you see through the programming matrix?

Did you refuse the covid jab?

Do you agree that we can create a new system and move into a fair, just, abundant and peaceful era?

If so, we welcome you to our c-unvaxxed community! Offer your crafts, passion and services, then invite more like-minded members and join us for parties, events and retreats. We are shifting the narrative. We are building the parallel system that will become the new system, together.

 12 redefining healthcare image

Imagine being treated at a light-workers center for true healing instead of going to the hospital for symptom-suppressing pills! Imagine calling our EMS number (coming this year) to be taken to a Life Center with skilled and moral staff to care for an emergency with state of the art medical devices to actually heal you without masking, fear, financial or ethical conflicts of interest!

Imagine having your children attend Centers of Learning for a holistic approach to education, free from state indoctrination directives that you as the parent have direct visibility of the curriculum, and where teacher transparency is the ethos.

This is what you help build when you join our network!

This is the network we have started and need YOU to build up with your best passions and skills that you enjoy and deserve fair compensation for. Let’s heal from the insanity of a system that tried to have us manipulated by fear, let’s move forward!

Due to the nature of our business structure (508c1a), we are an unincorporated ministry and stand on the separation of church and state to practice membership agreements in the Private Domain, so we can legally create a spike protein free environment backed by constitutional protections.

*** We are seeking healthcare practitioners ***

Work with us and offer your services in our network!!!

*** We are seeking benefactors to assist in creating our first medical clinic, Ascension Life Center, in the Seattle area to be the first of many as a healthy alternative to our allopathic hospitals. Donations are considered a charitable contribution as our ministry is a faith-based organization.

Keith Vowell and Amber Wright, Founders

February 19th 2022
You Have The Freedom To
Protect your Freedoms!

13. inspiration blog. you have the freedom to

You have the right to conduct business, practice medicine and teach what you know! We have natural rights and constitutional rights, for which our State Mandates cannot take away.

Convert your business OR start a new one based on these inalienable rights.

Visit with our PMA Advisor to start your own PMA or to learn more about them and how the Private Domain gives us extra protections from the common mandates put on by emergency orders.

Feb 5
Our Podcast on

Amber Wright of and Keith Vowell of Ascension Life Centers explain what they’re doing to address the broken health care system by providing affordable, effective health care through Private Membership Associations.

View our podcast on here:

January 10th 2022
Why we need a new healthcare ecosystem

During this time of co-vid mandated control, some of us have been unable to visit our loved ones in the hospital. We are required to take the invasive PCR test to show a negative result or show vaccination papers before having essential medical care. When people do have co-vid and are in hospitals, the hospital protocol is to provide a medication (Rendesivere) which makes it worse, and the medicines which have been proven to save lives have been blocked and restricted. These are just a few examples of the lack of common sense where medical procedures are based on political basis and financial incentives, and not healing care.

15.Inspiration Blog. Why we need a new healthcare system. Image 1
The problem is that our traditional "hospitals" are refusing people care. They are practicing medical discrimination by only giving care to those who have chosen to receive the co-vid injection.

Many of our hospitals have already fired staff who have not gotten the co-vid injection. Many states have not reissued licenses for some of our healthcare providers. For instance, a really amazing chiropractic doctor has received a notice that he can no longer practice in the state of Washington. Many of our doctors are leaving the state.

A nutritionist of over 20 years did not receive a reissuance of her license to practice, because she did not receive the co-vid injection. As a member of a PMA organization, she is using her skills again. This is because, when we make a private member to member agreement, we are not giving the government jurisdiction to govern our affairs. When we do a private agreement, the government has no say in the matter. For example, when I invite a friend over for tea, it is a private agreement. Somehow, through the trickle effect of government overreach, we have become accustomed to the government dictating our lives. It’s time to not be scared of living our lives without the government telling us what we are allowed to do or not do: we are fully capable of living in a natural way with the basic provisions of the constitution.

Many of us can see the system is broken, and right now we have the opportunity to create our new system of a parallel economy. We are in the middle of change, and with this change comes opportunity. Those of us who are aware of these problems must collectively act together in creating our alternate health system for a better world!

“Our current hospitals are essentially Death Centers.” as Keith Vowell, the co-founder of Alighten, calls them. “We are creating Life Centers. This is where we go to receive advanced healing technology and to live optimally as human beings. We don’t want our patients to come back, because we want them to thrive and be in optimal health.”

It is in centers like these, that practitioners can evaluate and treat the whole person, as we change our focus from treating symptoms to treating the cause. In centers like these, we can bring in technology for treatments. We can bring in frequency healing machines that are safe and effective, as well as ancient healing and medicinal practices that are centuries old. Typically, these technologies and modalities are not available at traditional hospitals. Healing machines are advancing rapidly where the state cannot keep up with creating rules for how we are supposed to use them. Knowing and practicing these modalities is a threat to the state, and population control strategies as they are actually helping people heal and be their whole, vibrant and aware selves. Big Pharma, politicians and state bureaucracies thrive off of sick people who they can control.

If you are ready to experience a parallel economy, we welcome you to take a look at Alighten, which is a Private Membership Association. This is a network of people serving one another. In a PMA, members work with other members via private agreement(s), and by doing so, we the people are not giving the government the jurisdiction to govern our affairs through license regulations or business mandates. At Alighten, they can also show you how to set up a PMA, transfer your business into a PMA or join their PMA and start practicing or offering services privately to other members.

15.Inspiration Blog. Why we need a new healthcare system. Image 2
For more information about Life Centers, how to become a member to have access to their practitioners, their learning pods or centers, and to offer services for others, contact us with the chat button on lower right of the page.

Their first fundraising event is scheduled for Friday, February 18th. Enjoy dinner with live music, a motivational presentation, and closing with dancing music. It is essential for us to gather, connect and share our good energy with one another. This is what Alighten is about. Doing good things to create a better world, one step at a time.

15.Inspiration Blog. Why we need a new healthcare system. Image 3

15Inspiration Blog. Why we need a new healthcare system. Image 4

15Inspiration Blog. Why we need a new healthcare system. Image 5









Seeking donors to help us open our first Ascension Life Center, more information on our donation page.

Membership Overview

      Thank you for your interest in applying as a member and/or contributing to the growth of Alighten.

150.16.01 Inspiration Blog Membership Overview

Alighten offers education, healthcare, wellness, and medical insurance to our members (all of whom affirm to not have received the COVID injection).

This includes in-home visits from our network of doctors, nurses, and wellness practitioners.